Laboratory for Advanced Computing (LAC)

University of Chicago

About LAC

The Laboratory for Advanced Computing (LAC) is a research group at the University of Chigago led by Robert Grossman that focuses on big data and its applications, including applications in biomedical informatics, information sciences and imaging. The LAC is part of both the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology (IGSB) and the Computation Institute (CI) at the University of Chicago

The LAC was founded at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1990 and moved to the University of Chicago in 2010. LAC Alumni include one of the Founders of Infoblox (Stuart Bailey) and of iManage, which is now part of Autonomy, (Neil Araujo) and Distinguished Engineers at Microsoft and IBM.

Since its beginning, the LAC has focused on open source software. It has developed some widely used open source software, including UDT, a utility for high performance data transport over wide area high performance networks; Sector/Sphere, a platform for data intensive computing; dataspace, a lightweight data integration framework; and ptool, a light weight object-based data manager that was used for one of the first column oriented data warehouses in 1995.

LAC Projects

The LAC participates in the following collaborations:

Open source software.The LAC also works on the following open source software projects:

  • Matsu, an open source project for cloud-based processing of satellite imagery to support the earth sciences.
  • UDR, a high performane rysnc
  • Bionimbus-LIMS, a LIMS system for managing next generation sequencing samples and that integrates with Bionimbus
  • Tukey, the middleware supporting the OSDC

Getting Involved

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